25 Things You Should Know About Me

Nothing like the feeling that life has yet again punched you in the gut to get some good ol’ nostalgia rolling. I was just going through some old pictures and notes on Facebook and came across this gem from 5 years ago. Here it is, reproduced in all its glory:

25 Things You Should Know About Me:

1) I sometimes browse the Dawn epaper to look up old crosswords that I’ve previously missed doing and print them out.
2) I don’t understand why “dilemma” isn’t spelled d-i-l-e-m-n-a. That’s what I’d always always thought it was. And it makes more sense.
3) I want to sing “Anyone Else But You” by the Moldy Peaches or “Jackson” by Johnny Cash/June Carter as a duet with a guy of my choice.
4) I can’t make eye contact for too long.
5) I have psychic dreams sometimes. (Honest!)
6) I want to marry someone just slightly smarter than me.
7) The best place to get some perspective is the pot.
8) I can do the “Exorcist” bending backwards position and imitate the woman from “The Others” better than anyone else I know.
9) I got slapped by a psycho woman at a train station in another country when I was 12!
10) I can never miss people once they leave. I try sometimes if the people are important but I tend to forget very quickly.
11) I find it frustratingly hard to decide what food to order.
12) I think I’m really vain but I hide it very well.
13) I can’t stand watching people chew gum.
14) I think if Jeeves (the butler from P.G.Wodehouse’s Jeeves series) was president, Pakistan would be a super power.
15) Everyone needs to stop explaining jokes! And adding “Get it?” at the end. Please!
16) Strong jaw lines and big hands are such a big turn on.
17) I make a wish every time I see a single star next to the moon because it said so in a song I heard really long ago.
18) It took me an awfully long time to get this far.
19) I know almost the whole script of Reality Bites and Bridget Jones Diary by heart.
20) I can eat at least a small jar of peanut butter in a sitting.
21) I start to slur when I’ve been awake too long.
22) The Matrix made no sense to me. The second time around either.
23) I like math because the answers are specific.
24) Google and YouTube are God’s gifts to our generation.
25) If you roll your “R”s I will kill you.


3 thoughts on “25 Things You Should Know About Me

  1. I love it spaliwala! Suggestion: pick a topic and write a few related posts.you’ll post more regularly that way. Come on, do it for the kids? 😉

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