Do It For the Kids

When they say “Oh, you never know what life throws at you”…believe them. If you think you’ve got a plan, chuck it out the window. Familiarity and routine are over rated anyway.

Almost exactly a year ago, I took what I then thought was the biggest decision of my life and decided to quit my 9 to 9 bank job. At the time it seemed like the “right thing to do” is all I’m gonna say about that. If anyone cares, read my unemployed rant here. Over the next few months I took a mini vacation, made a half hearted attempt at looking for a job overseas, got employed and summarily rejected job offers from several organizations, added a professional investment analyst qualification to my resume, and finally just parked my behind at home and called myself a “freelance writer” (much simpler to explain when people ask what you do). Several other disastrous almost jobs later, I landed up as a teacher and student counsellor. Go figure.

A recent run in with an old friend brings me to the subject of my current post. You want to do something, anything? Do It For the Kids.What I take that to mean is, don’t sit around smoking cigarette after cigarette, giving yourself reasons to do or not do something. Take the plunge, or don’t, but don’t waste another second of your life deciding. I could potentially spend months, perhaps even years, debating a decision or little or enormous consequences but I hardly ever do. Even deciding not to do it. So I, of course, write about it. (Haha, don’t even pretend you don’t love my humour)

Here’s what I have to say about that though: Why bother? Really, if you’re stringing yourself along well enough, don’t make a mess of it. There is always that infinitesimal chance that your effort will be worth it but then again, why gamble on those odds? Teacher, writer, analyst, wife, meh. Don’t take yourself too seriously. That’s why God invented 9GAG – best three hours before you drift off to sleep, guaranteed.

I leave you with this little gem. You’re welcome, world.


9 thoughts on “Do It For the Kids

  1. And for all those wise words i don’t even get a proper shout out? In addition to that horror, i take it you merely WROTE about it but didn’t actually DO it? spaliwala you disappoint me.

      And yeah, I wrote about it to get it out of my system. I have decided not to do it. Don’t think it will work out in the end. Oh well.

  2. You are full of contradictions lady. Do it but don’t bother? Always avoid the worst case scenario.. I say just DO it.

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