I am woman, hear me roar!

I have decided enough is enough. I will no longer cower in fear before some bully!

So, my blog and facebook and everything online have been off the radar for a couple of months thanks to an insanely disgusting, disgustingly insane stalker, not to mention bully. But now that I’ve switched  numbers, taken everything off facebook and laid low for a while (laid low? lain low? hmm.), I miss rambling on my blog. So here I am, even if nobody cares.

As for you, mister stalker, khasmanu khani! (I don’t give a damn about you)

Okay so maybe I give a bit of a damn. Beeewwwaaaarrrreeee of what’s coming your way:

And he’ll turn you into sheesh kebab before I can say bwahahahaha!

Wee, I feel liberated already!


9 thoughts on “I am woman, hear me roar!

  1. Man I hate those! You know the airport cheapra? He messages ALL the time. And he asked me to meet him on V-day. Ignored that B******….okay so I didn’t count the…asterixes? asterxi? GAH! *too lazy to google*
    Anyway, welcome back!

    • Tell me about it. There should be a rehab for these creeps. And thanks darling.

      And look what you made me do!
      Asterisk (alt form: asterisc) a star (*) shaped symbol used to denote an ommission or a footnote. Plural: asterisks.

      There, We can both rest easy now! :p

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