People who REALLY should’ve gotten some business advice first…

Now I’m no Warren Buffet, but at times there’s some stores/companies you wanna walk into and shake the owner’s hand for a job so thoroughly messed up! Here are some recent gems I’ve come across:

Pizza One – Big & Better!

Back on Great Customer Demand! Really!

Well, you’ve got to give them props for doing a thorough competitor analysis (or not). After a near escape law suit with Dominoes (“We have BIGGER pizzas you pieces of pie! Try making your food, we dunno, delicious or something?” They toyed around with the idea of  “The pizza with the MOST onions in town” but Pizza Next stepped in to pick a fight..hence.) Pizza One had to settle for trying to sell their “product”. I mean, who cares about value for money.. I’ll take big, if its better than bigger!


Okay so most of you may not have heard of this great product since it’s not like world famous or anything, but it’s getting there. This is a notebook company, and they’re all the rage.




And hereeeee’s what they proudly proclaim on the back of their product: (It’s such a masterpiece that it needs to be reproduced in text AND image!)

“V are proud! it was possible only b.coz of U. Another trend”


Only Rs. 45! 100 pgs! Hurrrrry!

It’s a notebook for Chrissake! Nobody won an Oscar or saved dying children! And if you’re manufacturing stationery you’d think they’d promote good writing habits. V and U made me grimace, b.coz brought on the shudders, but the real kicker, of course, was “Another trend”. I mean, lets be honest, we all know we rushed to the stores to stock up right? I only need 5 more colors and my collection will stand complete! Yee haw!

De Attire

NO, I DON’T think so! Maybe you ought to buy me dinner first?!

I will NOT De Attire! Get some business advice woman!

WHERE did this woman go to business school? Or any school? Did she read one of those “8 minute MBA – things they don’t teach you at business school” (YEAH, for a reason!) books?  Was she high? Was this a dare.. and the more important question is, what does she sell?!

Seriously, sheeeeeeeeeesh. But hey, we should all feel THIS much smarter now!


12 thoughts on “People who REALLY should’ve gotten some business advice first…

  1. Hahaha! De Attire is my favourite. Considering the summers we have, this woman must make a fortune!
    And I wonder if I should get my one of those…Bing O’s? I bet they dont get THAT in canada. YEE HAW INDEED

  2. The whole thing confuses me! I’m a “simple minded” girl, who…when confronted with silly things like this…my eyes just glaze over, and I find myself walking past it…without stopping to buy OR confront it! You’re correct…what a bunch of ….. well it reminds me of someone who is translating from their 1st language to a 2nd language…the important stuff seems to have been lost in “translation” Good observation…and fun to read.

  3. hahaha nice! I do wonder what she was trying to say.. “The Attire?” that’s worse, at least de attire would shock one into clicking!

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