Singin’ in the Rain

    "I´m singin´ in the rain
     Just singin´ in the rain,
     What a glorious feeling,
     And I´m happy again."
       Frank Sinatra - Singing in the Rain

Warning: Proceed with caution. This post may really annoy people who did not have an utterly wonderful childhood, walk off into the sunset holding hands this valentines, or get their annual bonuses.

Okay I’m just messing.. but there shall be high spirits galore. So don’t say I didn’t warn you!

First things first: Why was I in such high spirits? Because today was the MOST beautiful morning I have seen in my entire life.

Pause for dramatic effect.



O-kay, I think I’m going to have to describe it. I know the scoffers, who will be like “Shoot me now” and “Who gives a pony’s doody about the morning sky!?!?” (I know because that would generally be me. No, honestly! Read something else I’ve written! I’m queen of gloom/my life sucks/ oh look THEIR life sucks teehee such fun). But for you scoffers today, all I’ve gotta say is:

But really.. this morning was one of those where anti depressants go hiding in shame! I couldn’t tear myself away from the window. The most beautiful sky, gorgeous winds and a very light drizzle. That’s all the justice I can do to it without sounding sickening even though I really was sickeningly happy, (which is something I’m only admitting now because at the time I was just bursting with the whole OOMPH! of it) I think the only reason I didn’t break into song and begin to dance was probably a) lack of costume & props b) another couple of nuts to do it with.

The rest of the day just fell into place.. even when it didn’t. Okay, okay, so the corniness has taken me over and I’m like a big ball of mush right now..SO SUE ME!

Well, I think I held out pretty well actually. The day held major potential for disaster at one point or the other but the the awesomeness of the morning woneth over! For instance, around 11 am I heard a small “rrriiip” around my left pant thigh. “Darn” I thought. “I’ll have to hold my kameez strategically to cover this rip all day today. Thank GOD for Pakistani dressing/long shirts!”  During the course of the day this “little” rip developed into a “not so little” rip..I drove, climbed stairs, the rip got bigger and bigger..around 8 pm it was the sheer awesomeness of the day holding the fabric together, I kid you not. (Haha I love how this is something I can unashamedly admit over the internet! Bless relative anonymity! Oh blog has my name doesn’t it? Meh.) But wait for it… nobody noticed a gaping hole the size of Japan in the back of my pants! Not even Ms. Goody two shoes “Um your top button is undone, oh is that intentional? Sorry, just checking, thought you should know” from work!”  Hah!

And it’s weather for the win! Scoffers: there’s no consolation prize. You can gloat when it’s hot and sticky in a couple of month’s time. In the meantime, BOO YEAH!


12 thoughts on “Singin’ in the Rain

  1. Really glad to know that you are happy.

    I on the other hand have been having a very pissy week, the rain has barely helped, and the onset on the blaring summer months is giving me shudders and making me remember the hot sweaty days of running from class to class during college days!

    • 😦 Well.. on the upside, the MONDAY of the week is overrr! Also, if it’s any consolation I’m still running from class to class and you’re not.. yay, you! Haha, hope you’re feeling better man. The weather’s still awesome, there’s still time to enjoy it!

  2. Interesting to read. Monday’s do suck…work sucks, unless you’re like me and write for a living. That’s something we can do anywhere-anytime, unless for some reason our hearts aren’t into it, or our minds are off on the cricket field…for what ever reason! I’ll be happy for the warmer days to arrive, although I know my temps here are not at all as sweltering as yours (your in Pakistan?) I’ll continue to read more of you past posts…I’m enjoying the writing.

    • Thank you so much! Wow, what do you write for a living? I’m a Business Analyst at a bank for a living (fancy word for number cruncher :P) and I hardly get time to write but it’s fun anyway!

      Yes, I’m from Pakistan.. the summers in Karachi are not as intense as some of the other cities since we’re onthe coast.. but I’m not looking forward to it :/

  3. You had me at Sinatra. Good stuff! word of advice if I may: categorize your posts.

    I feel such days are like the holidays.. Long anticipated and over too quick 😦

  4. Thanks for the advice, I will definitely look into it 🙂

    I know right. It’s 10 am on a Sunday, I’m not in bed being lazy and life’s back to blah. No “holidays” on the horizon 😦

  5. Doesn’t that blow. I totally agree with you on the hot sticky summers thing. Gimme sub zero even and I’ll deal.. just spent a week in sweltering weather and I’m just about ready to jump in a tub of ice right now

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