Boys Better Beware (A few tips for the man about town)

Let’s face it; there are days when all a man has to do is open his mouth and he takes his life in his own hands.  So out of the sheer goodness of my heart here are some handy tips for every husband, boyfriend, or significant other:

1. When you see her for the first time that day, try getting the conversation off to a good start.

“Aren’t you dressed yet?” – you’re on dangerous grounds.

“Wow, you sure look good in brown!” – That’s a better bet.

“Wow, look at you!” – Definitely on the right track.

“Here’s my paycheck.” – Solid.

2. Gauge her mood. If the tips of her ears are red and her mouth is set in a thin line, you are going to need some masterful manipulation.

“What’re you so worked up about?” – Seriously, no.

“Honey are you okay?” – Better, but needs work.

Give her a hug and bring out that bar of chocolate you’ve stashed away for emergencies – Bringing out the big guns, never fails.

“Here’s my paycheck.” – Spot on.

3. When you come home from work:

“What did you do all day?” – Do not say it. Sounds like you’re suggesting she was at a spa getting a massage and a facial the whole time.

“I hope you didn’t over do it today.” – Not bad, but could be taken to mean she looks tired. Avoid!

“You look fantastic.” – That line never gets old.

“Here’s my paycheck.” – What can I say, it never fails.

4. After dinner and before heading to bed, your chances of after dinner action vs. watching an old re run on TV depend on how you behave before and during dinner.

“What’s for dinner?” – Might as well forget about it.

“Hey don’t bother, we can eat the leftover watchamacallit” – Not the best response in the book.

“Honey, lemme help you with dinner.” – Much better.

“Where would you like to go for dinner?” – You’re definitely getting some.

And of course, “Here’s my paycheck.” – You might even get the sexy lingerie tonight.


25 thoughts on “Boys Better Beware (A few tips for the man about town)

  1. Hahaha thank you ma’am! Yes we do need to talk, I dropped by your office the other day but you were taking a class I think.

    Nothing’s going on in my head, I feel like cupid..let’s face it, most men are clueless aren’t they? Just throwing some friendly advice for the men out there, maybe some of the good karma will hit me back haha!

  2. No comments on the men. (Hey, I’m married!) But the advice is definitely worth taking. I’m making my hubby read this..maybe next time he’ll hand me his paycheck instead of plopping down in front of the TV and watching whatever cricket match is on!

  3. Hahaha sooo spot on! there are definitely days when I feel just like a monster and when chocolates and paycheck would be so very welcome!

  4. You have an excellent sense of humor! I totally enjoyed the scripting! Wow, what I would give if my man were to just hand over his paycheck (just once?). I know I would fall out. Pass out from the joy of it. I’d awaken later to find it all gone. The MR. assuming I actually didn’t want the check since all I did with it was let it flutter to the floor as I crumpled into a heap on the floor at his feet. He would be in the fridge, the check would be forever hidden from my view, and I would be wondering what the hell happened? It was only a dream after all….wasn’t it?

  5. Thank you 😉 I am a motorcycle-photo-journalist. I write for several magazines that feature motorcycle information. I am on staff for one, while the others I am free-lance. I’m really lousy with numbers, I couldn’t support myself as a number cruncher. People who can are amazing to me.
    I’m delighted you found my blog. I am in full admiration of you!

    • Hahaha well you gotta do what you gotta do! I read your motor cycle blog.. that is some heavy duty stuff! I really love the photos though, where do you go off and take these pictures every single day?! Sounds like quite an adventure!

      • I go as often as I can afford. During the summer I go at least twice a week.
        I also will take up a week to travel across the country, with my camera and my motorcycle. I travel alone, and I love what I do!

        I love to travel. I get on my motorcycle and ride as often as possible. I can’t imagine not traveling…I can’t imagine not being able to see new roads, new places, talk to people of a region I’ve never met, see festivals that are odd and fun! I don’t make a lot of money doing this, but I love what I’m doing, I’m old enough to be able to say I have what I need, which makes this job less stressful. Not having a lot of money is OK at my age…for some reason, I’m comfortable.

      • Well my “travelling” is limited to back and forth from work at the moment but its is definitely part of my plan! My best friend and I are saving up so we can take a trip somewhere by the end of this year. I really envy that you can just grab your keys and camera and head out.. seems like you’ve come a long way to be here 🙂

  6. Hahaha the introduction is particularly brilliant! I’m keeping my girlfriend far far away from this one 😉 I really enjoyed the scripting too, nicely written!

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