Ants Marching

I ate some red ants by mistake today (better left unexplained). Better than almost having eaten a cockroach though.

Anyway, I have a plan! But as usual my impatience stands in the way. I want to start acting on it NOW but situational constraints will not let me. Which is fine, except I tend to have major burnout later and flop goes the plan. Ack, it’s too late to obsess tonight.


14 thoughts on “Ants Marching

  1. I personally prefer eating green ants, they really do go well well with maggot salsa. From what I hear, fried cockroaches are a delicacy in parts of the world, particularly where steamed scorpion fangs are a rarity (over hunting I’m afraid).

    Plans are great ideas, but rarely do they fall accordingly.

    • Haha I try, I try! glad you noticed though! In the beginning I wasn’t trying to, my thoughts just naturally turned to a song or the other but now it’s fun to come up with random (or related) titles.

  2. HAHAHAH I remember the look on my face when you told me the cockroach story! It was a traumatic experience for me, don’t you dare do that to me again!

    • Umm..jeez, I don’t even know what to say here. I (emphasis on ME, myself, your mostly loving friend Sahar!) almost ate a freaking roach and you manage to suffer the trauma. You’re one of a kind, I have to hand it to you!

      And Mirza Aqeel Baig for President.. haha does he know you’re this obsessed? πŸ˜› Why don’t you use your blogger ID to surf mine by the way?

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