All lovers are deranged.

I really CANNOT multi task. I have to think really fast when there’s a lull in the music because the noise of the music drowns my thoughts out. (Shut up Eddie!)

Don’t voice every thought in your head. I like that rule. Thats a good rule.

So we were talking (OK I was talking) about sudden realizations. The ones that are so powerful they throw you off and all that? Now I’m wondering whether I stopped myself at that 3 second mark or whether I *just* crossed it. I did mention that crossing the 3 second limit was bad right? Just checking. So these sudden realizations then, they creep in and you ignore them (because they sit quietly like those children with the angelic faces who don’t look like trouble makers but who’re the ones who always go and break something in the end and then all you can do is think “SONUVASODDINTREE”) ..and then they go BOO-BABY! So the same 3 second rule applies to the sudden realizations and the darned children. You can yell your heart out at the kid but the mother will have a word or two to say about that and the kid will wail till the neighbors flee for cover. (And there’ll probably be other consequences too. People think just coz they’re kids they’re so bleedin helpless. Oh look, I said bleedin. Eh.)


you could hold your breath for 3 seconds (just under) and give the kid a frigid smile (accompanied by a “You darken my doorway again and you watch what I do” look) and say its cool. The pesterin kid will leave, mom never finds out (the look has to be given while crouching down in front of the kid pretending to pull his cheeks and going “Awww beta!”). Its a win-win situation.

Did I mention I don’t particualrly like kids. Some of them are nice though. Aadil for instance. That baby has an aura of baby niceness and everyone around him gets little fairy dust sprinkles of it 🙂


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