Layin low, wanna take it slow

Is it normal if babies freak you out? Are you supposed to have a plan in life at 23? This is all from a conversation with my bff (yes I said bff.  so sue me) and I don’t know if I’m being over analytical but seriously, ARE you?  She wants to save up money, go to culinary school, be a master chef, pursue her goal, come back, get married and have babies. Is it just me or is that too specific or I am just totally clueless? My next goal in life is *30 second pause* to stop being lazy and pick a day to go and register for courses before the registration date passes.

This is how the conversation went:

Me: Doesn’t the thought of marriage and babies freak you out?
BFF: Nope. Maybe you’re just not cut out that way Sehroo.

Me: Yeah maybe. But maybe I am. But what if you do have a baby and you don’t want it anymore? You can’t return those things if you don’t wanna keep em…

Ok, I sound like a dumb blonde but I do NOT want to be a bad parent which I could very likely end up being. The damn thing could be crying or suffocating and I could be anywhere else.  Ok, ignore the damn thing part. But seriously isn’t there a way to work around this? Can’t you do this on a trial basis before assuming full responsibility? Haha, ok ignore this part too.  I went to visit a friend in hospital who had a baby and I said “Wow umm a baby. You know he’ll always be THERE right. hahahaha (at this point I sounded a bit hysterical)”  She just gave me a weird stare.

I don’t wanna be a bitter parent who hates her kid(s) for taking her life away because she has to stay home to change their diapers. Being a stay-at-home-cook-for-my-kids-get-tired-of-housework mom doesn’t seem like much of a choice to me, its something I would do if I had no choice. But then again I’m 23, maybe I’ll change.

Note to Sara Hussain: I am not in my mid twenties. You’ve been married for  5 years and you can be in your mid twenties if you like, I am 23 and thats never gonna change. I am awesome, rangeelay, suhaney! Thank you very much!

Appropriate or what? 🙂 Well I’ll be a better mom than this!


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