Who was that girl?

I met someone at a wedding and she came up to me and chatted me up like she’d known me forever and she KNEW things about me! But for the life of me I couldn’t place her into any category of my life. Pre LUMS? Post LUMS? CBM? Springfield? KGS? Where DID I know this girl from? I have a very limited social circle and she didn’t seem like a friend of a friend, a friend’s cousin, a friend’s friend’s friend, I didn’t even know her name, I couldn’t place her face and she knew everything about me! She asked me how I was doing now, if I was “better” which means she knows that story – and she patted my shoulder and said she was glad I was well. WHO WAS SHE? Why am I so blank?

I was a bit curt with her to be honest and she took it pretty well. I guess she assumed I socially retarded. What with me not being WELL and all. Ok this is turning out to sound angry, but I’m really not. I am a *bit* upset about why I can’t remember who she was though and why she knew everything about me. I mean its ok if you’re fleetingly introduced to someone once at a social this or that and you forget about them later because they’re irrelevant to your existence in the first place. But this GIRL made it sound like we knew each other. She greeted me with feeling. On the other hand Karachi socialites at a high profile wedding (and this was definitely one) are pretty capable of sounding genuine at any given time of the day – its their job. Maybe she heard through “Did you hear about that one? Had to leave LUMS suna hai..” and so on and so forth. Thats more comforting, its really is.

I am not stuck in the past. I lowwwe it here, I do. I am even willing to put up with JZ and corporate finance seminars. I’m back home ๐Ÿ™‚ Who was that girl anyway, and who really cares? I have an Investment Banking exam to worry about. Blast ended skank! ๐Ÿ˜›


2 thoughts on “Who was that girl?

  1. Haha true. By the way, I met this same girl at the first birthday of the child whose parents’ wedding it was (Mani and Hira), a year and a half down the line. Again, she chatted me up and again, I drew a blank, obviously. But she kept talking so I kept listening. I didn’t even know her name during the entire conversation but I managed to eventually find out. Hasan came along and I said:

    Me: Hey, this is my brother
    Hasan: Hi, I’m Hasan
    Girl: Hello, I’m Fatima
    Hasan: How do you two know each other?
    Girl: Oh Sahar was my senior at Springfield
    Me: (relieved) Yeah, we went to school together. My brother went to the same school you know.. he was a year ahead of me
    Fatima: Ohhh acha then you were in falan falan’s batch!

    Then they discovered that they both currently went to IBA, I heaved a BIG sigh of relief and left the two of them happily chatting about classes and walked off. Took almost two years to solve the mystery but I did ๐Ÿ˜€

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