I object, your honor.

Rote learning a very minute and obscure part of the income tax law of Pakistan is never really going to help me. Ever. How is this making me a well rounded invidudal again? Section 22(2) relates to whatta? I have a final in less than 13 hours and I is clueless. I’ve even lost the motivation to study. Eek. Thats a big deal for a nerd.

I think I’m taking this Hashir thing too much to heart. I don’t mean “thing”..I don’t know what I mean. How did his friends react? I didn’t even know the guy well enough to call him a sort-of friend. That’s not the point. Point is now I feel sceptical about studying and the system as a whole. Oh what nonsense are they teaching us, pfft. Grades, hah. What do they know? They’re leading us to take our lives, and so on and so forth.

I think I’ll go back to my file and study my income tax ordinances. Pity.


3 thoughts on “I object, your honor.

  1. hahah, how entirely irrelevant to the post Murtaza but yes. Well I did at that time anyway. I applaud your facebook stalking capabilities! Bravo 🙂 Well atleast my blog is being read 🙂

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