ruby ruby ruby rubbbyy

its a really cool song by the “kaiser chefs” called “ruby”. good listening.

what is up with me? basically im procastinating. have to work on a report and a presentation, get waxed (which ive been putting off for a month now so you can imagine the size of my facial hair *shudder*), renew my shapes membership (which i’ve been putting off for more than a month), oil my hair (which ive been putting off since this morning), register for an extra course (which ive been putting off for 3 weeks now), and various other minor things which i need to look into. i really dont know where the day goes…i cant think of a single thing i do besides going to college and thats just 2 days a week from 9 am till 2 pm. i dont sleep that much either…what IS it i spend my day doing?? thats really weird when you come to think about it!

other than that, everyone i know is getting engaged/married/having babies/travelling! i dunno if im jealous of the first three but im definitely jealous of the ppl who get to travel! ugh im stuck in khi in the heat and load shedding. I mean its not THAt bad really, its home ya know and im used to the heat and the load shedding but I really wish i could take a short vacation somewhere. somewhere like sri lanka with beach resorts and wild life *sighs dreamily* (notice how my fantasy is still rooted in reality, i chose a cheap affordable place to fantasize about visiting rather than somewhere far out :P)

lol i dunno if anyone is interested but i have this really silly crush on one of my professors! *giggle* i will so not go into details but im actually blushing abhee, LOL! aaaaaaaahhhhhhh im too old to be having crushes 😦

oh shit mom’s homeeeee and she asked me to do something which i cant remember now but there’s no point anyway coz i havent done what i was supposed to do and im screwed anyway.


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