how you all? I hate holidays! but i hate college too. hmmm. well the thing is, when im at college i bunk left, right and centre bec i hate being there and when im home i sulk and moan bec i have nothing to do! its not a good place to be 😦

in HOT news, a certain someone might be having a parasite in her body for a certain number of months until the parasite decides to come out in a painful bowel movement 😀 im so excited!!!

I will try my best to not digress from the point (which in fact does not exist so i cant really digress from it since its not there to begin with. does that make sense?)

Here’s a dialogue I love from Bridget Jones’ diary:

Bridget to Mark Darcy(at her mothers annual turkey curry buffet): you staying at your parents’ for new yours?

Mark: Yes. you?

Bridget: oh no no no no no i was in london at a party last night, wish i could be lying with my head in a toilet like all normal people (laughs). new years resolution, drink less. oh and quit smoking. (then realizes she has a drink and a cigarette in her hand) OH! and keep new years resolutions. and stop talking total nonsense to strangers! in fact stop talking full stop!

Mark: yes well perhaps its time to eat. (walks away with a disgusted look)

*little later*

mark’s mother to mark: apparently she lives just round the corner from here

Mark: mother, i do not need a blind date, particularly not with some verbally incoherent  spinster who smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish and dresses like her mother!

(mark and mother turn out to see bridget is behind them)

Bridget (with a smile): yummy! turkey curry, my favourite!

hahahahha i’ll never get tired of bridget jones’ diary. i practically know all the dialogues by heart (i wrote this one from memory :D)

OHHHHHHH and ive been reading the funniest joke book (which is kinda pathetic and sad but my 12 year old cousin lent it to me and i thought why not) so here are a few gems:

Why wasnt cinderella good at football? Because she had a pumpkin for a coach!

Why do melons have formal weddings? Becasue they cant-elope!

Why was the baby pen sad? because its mother was doing a long sentence! (this one’s my fav!)

Why was the cracker sad? Because his mother had been a wafer so long! HAHAHAHA(they’re not childish and corny!!! well maybe a *little*)

anyway peoples i am off (to get more bored. yay.)

*muah muah* (waves in manner of miss world)


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