I could be brown, I could be blue, I could be violet sky!

in lurrrrrvvvvve with mika. he’s kinda cute too although his mouth is too big. (not necessarily bad though :P)

wazzzzzaaaa world? (If i can then i will wash it away, is she can then she will wash it away)

btw do join http://www.ilike.com its a really cool site where you  get to share your music tastes and theres a never ending quiz (literally never ending) about guessing songs and artists and you get points for guessing. its really fun, i’ve answered around 150 songs already! well i didnt get all of em right but like ive attempted 150 questions. and the earlier you guess the more points you get. answering within the first three seconds of hearing a tune you get 10 points and then 9 points in the next 5 secs or something and so on…really fun although can be a *tad* time consuming 😛

so who is this kelly clarkson? there mustve been 50 freakin questions involving her in some way! and belle and sebastian? where did these ppl come from?

btwwwwwwww Nadal beat Fed in monte carlo!!!!!!! vamos rafa! Man he is a SEXY player! (not looks wise i mean. his game is sexy. he sweats too profusely to be sexy :P) i saw the result of the match online first and then saw the recording of the match so i could cheer for him in peace without the tension of who was gonna win 😀 and give fed praise where it was due without feeling like a traitor hahaha 😀

why am i listening to blink 182? eeewww. brb lemme change the song. yeah so what was i saying? yeah, blink 182. so much useless screaming! “this house is haunted, its so pathetic” talk about rhyming man, lol! haunted and pathetic? riiigggghhhhhht.

alrighty im off! catch you all later!


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