i hate rickshaw walas

if you wanna know why, call me 03222263401.

is my blog theme boring? i think brown and green is kinda cool. gives a jungle-y sort of atmosphere. to answer your question about the basant batool, i didnt go. so i dont know! call performed and i dont even like em so i dont think i missed out on much.

i just realized i have an “A” reader (amu) and a “B” reader (batool) so now I need someone with a C šŸ˜€ (E, F, G, H, I….sorry going a little crazy)


2 thoughts on “i hate rickshaw walas

  1. hahaha whyyyyyy? i luurve rickshaws :p
    and btw, i LOVE the theme. i really do!

    i spent hours this morning trying to change stuff about my blog. just what i need, a new addiction :p

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