iko riko nachi!

this is a song from dil hai ke manta nahi. I sat and watched the WHOLE thing. it was like watching a mills and boon come to life!

and yes batool that post was dedicated to you my sole reader (probably!) haha. i have made a list of people i wanna kill:

1. SWIMMING INSTRUCTOR whose name i dont know. she made me do these HORRIBLE exercises in the pool. i almost fainted from exhaustion, i kid you not.

2. all thin people who dont have to do those damn exercises!

thats the list so far. will update when i add anyone new.

there’s a basant thingy at CBM. i couldnt be bothered really. bunch a ijits dancing to “rock tha party, rock tha party!” is not my thing, thanks.

im tired, cranky and straving. for the past few days my breakfast, lunch and dinner has been a bran bread sandwich for EACH meal. aaaaaaahhh i hate being fat!!! but i would prefer being fat to all this shit, i would, i would, i would.

ima gonna go get my lunch now. yummy yummy bran bread sandwich hmmmmmm! “%£$”%$”&!$&!$%&!$!!!!

later ya all (aka batool :P)


5 thoughts on “iko riko nachi!

  1. Bran bread wins over white bread, specially with cheddar cheese tin wala. Yum.

    How was the basant thingy? I happen to like rock tha party (even though ‘so girl get your ass on the floor’ conjures up just the wrong image) cause it used to be such a staple in our dorm.

    Would love to have a swimming instructor. I’ve never swum, only floated and I imagine it must feel wonderfully exhilarating, exhilaratingly wonderful *sigh* 😦

  2. well yeah swimming is amazing. I’ve stopped doing the exercises because they’re too damn hard. and yes i prefer bran bread to normal bread but having it everyday is not fun, I tell you.

    and i like rock tha party too but i dont wanna be squished in a crowd of 1000 people trying to dance to it! I like it in my own room when i can listen to it on headphones 🙂

    so whats going on?

  3. wah bhai, new picture every time. The one on gtalk with the bad-girl haircut was cooler 🙂

    I’m watching way too much of BBC Food these days. There was this hilarious (and very *educational*) program on it last night about multiple dating in Manhattan. But what’s the use when every SINGLE recipe needs ‘a dash’ of champagne? 😦 I’m better off watching Kitchen Queen.

  4. which new picture are you talking about? and i LOVE watching BBC food! its so much fun. but *sigh* yes
    “Im just gonna add a dash of brandy” ruins it doesnt it?
    and ive seen the multiple dating program! is it the one where the fat woman gets the girls to cook to impress their man?

  5. Batool, my love. We must blog together. I am back. Well trying to be. Together we can conquer the computer systems of the world! I blog, you comment, who needs reality? 😀

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